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2009 - 2010 Statistics
During this winter season this system served 37 school districts that made 165 notifications. This system also sent out 10,704 email notifications and 4,385 text messages. The notifications reached the news media within 5 minutes and the community members in 10 minutes of being submitted on this service.


Welcome to the We Are Closed Today Website service which provides a state of the art way to notify area news media and community members in the event that your organization has to delay, close or early dismiss due to any action beyond your control. Any organization who would like to utilize this service is welcome to, as this service will prove itself beneficial after the first few times of notifying everyone over the time that it takes to make the numerious telephone calls.


In the event that your organization needs to delay, close or have an early dismissal for any reason, the individual who has administrative access can login to this system and with a few mouse clicks perform the necessary action. Once this action has been entered, the system will then notify via email, SMS text message or voice notification the updated status to any community member who wants to be notified. In addition to this, the local radio stations who are connected to this will be electronically notified of this updated status via a desktop application which runs on computers that are viewable by radio personalities. The television stations who are connected will receive a different electronic feed that can be formatted so it be inserted directly to the character generator which gets displayed on the television screen.


If anyone would like to view a demonstration of this service, please utilize the information within the Contact Us Link at the top of this page. We will then be able to schedule a time convenient for everyone involved or can give you a location of an event that has already been scheduled that you are welcome to attend.

New for the 2010 - 2011 School Year is an application that will run on a Windows, Macintosh, or a Linux computer. Upon installing and running this application, it will ask for valid account email address and password and pull the system every 15 minutes to display any status information from the organizations that you would like to be notified upon. In the event that you have not selected an organization, you will receive all updates from all organizations on this system.

42 School Corporations are active within this service and have Delayed, Closed, or Early Dismissed 925 times. This service has 7,296 Community Members who signed up to receive notifications from these school corporations. The system has sent out a total of 105,600 Email Notifications along with 153,379 Text Messages.